It started with an idea, and ended in a plan. See, ThinkGeek had these amazing Zombie Chocolate Easter Bunnies that sold out in just a couple hours. I live in the desert, and with our temperatures already reaching the upper 80s, I knew that such a delicacy would only arrive in tragedy. So, I decided to make cookies. Not any cookies, but Zombie Bunny cookies.

I was reminded by a friend, Amy, that it was Zombie Jesus Day, not Zombie Bunny Day. I say nay! Besides, who would want to eat a zombie Jesus cookie? Zombie bunnies are more fun, and therefor more tasty.

Behold! Zombie Bunny Cookies!

Green bunny sugar cookies

Ripe and ready for the corrupting

The masses of cookies

The Horde. Note the obligatory rib bones.

Iced and frosted

Then I started to get creative.. Iced and frosted variety.

Just frosted

Just frosted outline.