For each chai donation, I wish to impart a gift. These are subject to change upon availability and personal preference, but this is what I propose:

  • Chai Card Refill donations ($5 – $19) – A desktop image of my choice. I will need you to input your screen resolution when you submit.
  • Week of Chai donations ($20 – $39) – A desktop image, or 8 x 10 drawing (scanned in) of your request, with an exception. I’m sorry, but I will not accept any requests for nudity. I don’t draw my Athenian children naked.
  • Frequent Chai Shopper Card donations ($40+) – I’m not expecting this in the least, but I figure that if you were really feeling that generous, you could get more choices. You could pick two of the above options, or one and I could make you a wire wrapped pendant of a stone of your selection. The pendant would need some discussion, so expect an e-mail from me if you choose this.

Thank you for understanding and your generosity.

As options potentially open up, I will update this page and announce any changes on Twitter.

Thanks guys,
Emily Lysyk, Creator