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You can find a copy of all my available prints at I have also been known to make crafty things, so check back often. Below is some of what I have up now, including my Candy Box Jewelry:

EmaCartoon on

MySoti is a great place to buy the large versions of my prints, and is where to go for my t-shirts designs that I have run out of (or didn’t have your size in).

Corset Gamer Girls artwork by emacartoon. Available from Mao. tee by emacartoon. Available from All Red Shirts tee by emacartoon. Available from

Em²a Cartoon’s CafePress Store:

My CafePress Store is the best place to find a variety of t-shirts, bags, etc. with my logo and basic designs on them. I usually don’t keep stock of these, and since CafePress is pretty well-known, I let them handle all of that. Sticker and button redesigns are in the works, so keep a look-out!

**NOTE: I just upgraded the Cafepress store, so they’re all in sections now. Please excuse the mess while I figure out what their template quirks are. Thanks!

Kids & Maternity

Artistic Miscellany: Snozzberries clock, artsy designs, everything that doesn’t fit else where is here.

All Things Coffee (and chai): Mugs, coffee jokes, chai monsters, you name it, this is where you’ll find it.

Em2a Logos, old and new

Em2a Vectored

Mao Kittehs: All things kitteh and doog

…and more!