I have now officially (realized that I) posted 200 comics. 200 of them, my friends. It’s taken 7 years to do it, too (only 4 if you count the creation of the site).

One of my friends mentioned to me while I was working Phoenix ComiCon that one of these days my “working a con” will refer to a booth, and those lines of people outside would be coming to see my panel.

To which I responded “I hate panels. My first panel I have, I will be sure to mention it and blame it on you.”

I mention this now (before I draw it like I plan to) because finding out that I’ve now done/posted 200 comics has reminded me that despite it all, I love drawing. Drawing my comic actually makes me happy. I haven’t taken the whole comic thing seriously mainly due to the facts that a.) I am pre-programmed to think that there’s no money in it (see sketches section on my DeviantArt page), and b.) I’ve already taken one hobby and made it into a job…
But honestly, the more I think about it, the more I do want to drop everything, live in my mother’s basement (in Ohio, where it’s cold), and draw to my heart’s content. I miss having that kind of free time, and I miss having that kind of motivation.

I have many fears these days (as I’m sure we all do). However, I stand for Love, not Fear, and that some how things will work out in my favour. It’ll happen. It’ll happen for all of us that run for our dreams, not from them.

I’ve been in Marketing long enough. I can Market myself. I’m going to do this.

(Be afraid.)