I spent my whole life wanting to meet this man. And there he was. Sitting there in the front of this room with 30 of us listening to him breathe.

After some time, he opened his wise eyes and let them drift across the room. His gaze slowed as it reached me. I flinched. He nodded.


“Master,” I responded.

“Where have you been? What have you spent your life doing for all these years?”

“Wishing.” I lowered my eyes in shame.

“Wishing for what?”

“Wishing that I could come out to Shambalah to meet you. To study alongside the others.”

He studied me for a moment. “And why didn’t you?”

“It wasn’t there.”

He frowned at me then. Those dark eyes reading me the way most people cannot. “Shambalah isn’t just a place. It is in the heart of all people. You know this, yet you still didn’t come. Why?”

My face flushed a brilliant red. “Fear. Attachment… Mostly Fear.”

“And what has Fear done for you lately?”

I looked up and met his eyes. “Absolutely nothing.”

He face broke open with a grin. “Good. You’ve learned. Now keep going.”

He turned back to the rest of the class and continued with his lecture as if the conversation never happened. Perhaps it didn’t.