I’ve been a bit of a busy bee.

I submitted a coloured version of My Dreams Are the Best to the Phoenix ComiCon Badge Art contest.

I also submitted the art and content for my own iPhone app that was developed and submitted by Onezumi and Harknell (They rock!). Unfortunately, Apple has currently rejected the app that merely displays my comic, twitter and blog feeds because I put a Donation button for PayPal on my site.. When I was unemployed.

*Insert long blank stare at Apple*

Anyways, Onezumi and Harknell have responded with a justification, so, we’ll see. That may go up soon… And I just changed the button to say “Like my comic? Send chai!”

I think I’ve also mostly finished the aquaponics project – a couple things need to be re-arranged so that a grow bed sits nicely around two of the air tubes. This is what it looks like:

I’ve been blogging about it on the Em2a Studios Blog.