Thank you to all who came out and visited with me! It was lovely to meet you all and see some familiar faces 😀

For those who have asked, sales were better than I expected for my first convention (read: I wasn’t expecting any), and I think I’ve gotten a better feel for what people will and will not buy. My prints and posters already printed will go up on my Etsy in a few days, and I will probably not make many/any more. I think I’m going to stick with charms, stickers, and 4x6s from now on. I may even advertise that I do sketches, who knows?

If I do any more larger print work outside of commissions (yes I do commissions, no I don’t do my characters nude), I think I will focus more on getting a book together. I had a lot of people read through my portfolio of original comics, laugh, and enjoy it. It seems like this is more of what people want than one-shot prints or posters. In short, I’m not going to waste my time and energy on things everyone “likes” but isn’t willing to purchase (that defeats the purpose of spending money to have them made in the first place).

Thank you to Zach Reddy of Zach Reddy Art and PaleoComics for the opportunity to share a booth with you, and thank you to Randy Milholland of for (coming to Arizona and) good advice.

My next convention will be Intervention Con in the DC area September 10 – 12. It’s a first year convention that honestly has a really good lineup and will probably be the best first-year convention I’ve ever heard of.

A quick note (only because it was brought to my attention):
For those of you who took/take pictures of my stuff without asking – please ensure that you do ask in the future so I can keep track of you, but know that I won’t be mad if you remember to credit me and link back to my site.

Just for perspective: I spent well over 3 weeks working my ass off on the Corset Gamer Girls poster that no one purchased. This particular piece doesn’t exist in my comic archive in that amount of detail (it is however available on MySoti). If I calculated my normal freelancing hours on that, I’d be in the red by about $1,200.00, or 240 chai lattes. That’s even cutting a deal with myself because I know me, and not including my professional printer’s cost. You can see why I might be a little annoyed, right?

That doesn’t mean I don’t want you guys to display photos of my art, ever take pictures, etc, etc. It just means that I would like you to consider the effects of not getting my (or any artist’s, really) permission and not giving credit. My stuff is all © me and it’s like keeping track of my babies. I want to make sure they don’t get in trouble or get others into trouble.

So, THANK YOU to the one person who asked and took my bookmark with my website. 🙂