Hey, guys! It’s coming up on that time of year again. Thats right, Coooooooooooon!!! *obligatory fist shake*

Here’s the deal:

I’m sharing table #759 in Artist’s Alley with Zach Reddy of ZachReddy.com and PaleoComics. We’ll be right next to the Star Wars Neighborhood.

Hours for the Exhibitor Hall (located in North Building Lower Level Halls 4-5) are:
Thursday 4p – 9p
Friday & Saturday 10a – 7p
Sunday 10a – 5p

I’ll also be a panelist with Kevin Coulston, Daniel M Davis, and Madame M on the Webcomics Panel Saturday morning 10:30am – 11:30am in room 126B Comics.

Look! You can find maps on Phoenix ComiCon’s website here: http://phoenixcomicon.com/page/11

I’m bringing prints of Corset Gamer Girls, T-Rex Riding Pirate, and Mao, the T-Rex Riding Pirate postcards, bookmarks, Top 20 Fall 2009 – 2010 comic compilation minibooks, buttons, bottlecap necklaces, bottlecap and button magnets, and if we’re lucky, I’ll have a few shirts with me and 24 “Not all red shirts are disposable” shirts (I’m keeping one)! I’m also bringing my Candy Box Jewelry (as seen on my Etsy) for sale.

If there is anything not listed that you want me to bring for you, please let me know now! I will require a $5 down payment and provide you a reservation number. Unless I know you personally, I’ll expect ID with the reservation number. Pass me an if you’re interested.

I will also gladly do buttons and bottlecap magnets or necklaces by request if you don’t see the design you want. I will also make any of the chainmaille earrings by request (even let you pick your own colours). I’ll take orders on anything else, but I can’t guarantee I’ll have them done by end of PHXCC (like shirts – 2 week lead time). I’m leaving all my supplies at home this year, but as I am not staying on site overnight, I’ll have any small requests with me the next day.

But wait, there’s more! The lovely and talented Monique Reddy will have some of her gorgeous hair falls and hair gardens for sale, too! (Oooo, aaaahhh) She’ll also take custom orders for those and Jayne hats. (*cheer!*) I’ll get more details from her on those later, or you can jump the gun and request info on Monique’s KnottyNicki Etsy page. Did I mention that she sold out of her last batch? They’re that awesome.

Stop by, say hi! Come see us at Phoenix ComiCon! Yaaaaaaaayyyyy *Kermit flail*