Guest comic written and drawn by Mandy L.

I know this to have actually happened. Mandy and I used to work at the grocery store together. You’d be amazed. I don’t envy the poor management.

Angry customer (AC): Rawr! Money now!

Clerk: !
AC: I need my money you refused me! Who’s Ur manager?

Manager: !!!
AC: Ur customer service sucks. This place is falling apart. Nothing works. Gimme money!

Manager: !!$!
AC: U charged 10¢ more than the tag. I want it free!

Manager: *blink blink* !?!

Manager: What?

Manager: You greedy pathetic cheapskate Son of a Bitch. You dare to come in here and insult me and berate me over 10¢?!

Manager: Well listen up you crusty fat shit eating, tea bagging, scum sucking shit head! No, you cannot have it for free! You can just go straight to hell you dirty M*@$ F#cking A@$ hole!

AC: Well can I still have me 10¢?

HERE! Now Go Away!