We got a new Fishie TV on Feb 20th. It’s now part of an aquaponics system, but the fish are a LOT of fun and have tons of personality.

It came with a ninja clown loach (Hattori Hanzou, or Hanz for short), a Kissing Gourami (Mick Jagger), a Leopard ctenopoma/African leaf fish (Edgar), a panda corydora (Edison), an albino corydora (Tesla), a bronze corydora (Marconi), a spotted corydora (Einstein), a panda barb (Confucius), and four silver dollars (Loony, Toony, Quarter, and Half Dollar). I was going to put my black neon tetras and otocincluses in there, but then Edgar yawned, and I decided that was a bad idea (Could swallow a shooting marble WHOLE). Hanz was a ninja and managed to survive stuck in a rock for the entire drive here, even though I had never seen him until a week later (and frankly, thought him dead).

I’ve since added a pleco that I’ve name Sir Oreck of Hoover (Orrie for short). I also added 3 neon rainbows in with the black neon tetras in the 20 gallon tank, and may throw them in the big tank once they grow up. Depending on how big they get, of course.

And yes, I frequently shove my nose against the glass and watch them. They’ve started to get used to it.