I’m sure by now you have all read BlagHag’s blog post on Boobquake and the reasoning behind it.

All I have to say is “I’m showing ankle*” and “Whoo! My shirt is a bit tight for me than is normal.”

Considering that I consider myself of modest dress, this is kind of a big thing. I don’t like being called immodest, promiscuous, nor an adulterer for wearing my pj’s in public. I don’t like myself or my friends being labeled as devil-women who lead young men astray (I seem to remember that it’s the other way around, Little Miss Riding Hood’s Wolf) because they want to look and feel beautiful during a night out on the town.

I know a few women who used to be forced to wear headscarves by their husbands. I want to point out “used to.” There are some choices that we, as women, just need to be able to make for ourselves, and what we wear is one of them.

Earthquakes happen every day. They’ve been happening somewhere every day since the creation of the planet. They’re just seem to be happening closer to populated areas. Too much information is the root cause of this. The popularity of internet reports and our habitat spread are both partially to blame. I’m sure there is an allusion to Adam and Eve taking a bite from the Tree of Knowledge in here somewhere. Maybe those crazy Bible writers knew something we didn’t.

*The ankle joke is a running one among my Rennie and SCAdian friends. I didn’t know that Blag Hag included it in her clarifying post.
**For those who have seen my DeviantArt page, yes, this is a re-visit of the MostlyStupid.com ad. The site seems to be broken, now.