So, when I drew that comic for 1/16, I had no idea that it would be the last one for Jesse ever. I cannot explain how utterly shattered I (still, as of 2/20) feel. She’s my baby girl.

The sarcoma came back with a vengeance. A tumor the size of 4 large oranges ripped apart her innards, and I had to let her go. There was no fixing it. I think that may be the part that is most comforting and most hurtful of all. I would do anything for my kids, and there was nothing I could do.

This picture isn’t just the last one of her alive. It’s also how she died. Curled up in my lap, feet over my leg. We spent many evenings and nights like this, and it seemed fitting.

We’re not sure whether her heart stopped before or because of the second injection.

Here’s to my rescued baby girl. Thank you for loving her with me.


I’m not gonna lie. I’ve pretty much lost a lot of my motivation for my comic after this. I’ve got a couple of guest strips coming to help me fill in until I can get back on track.