Where’d I go? Oh, right. So, I kind of unofficially soft-retired Em²a Cartoon in 2014 to work on another comic called Siren’s Song (updates posted on my Patreon). If you haven’t been following me on social media (I’m stupidly over-active on Facebook and Instagram), you’d know that I’ve spent the last 2 years globe hopping, hitting up various comic conventions across North America, and laser engraving a ton of crap. Like, a lot of crap. So much that I haven’t really been able to work on that.. other.. comic.

A lot of people don’t quite realize how much work goes into being an artist and/or self-employed. It’s a lot of missed birthdays, working until 3am, driving cross-country until you can’t stand to look at yet another freaking highway, and doing whatever you can to make that mortgage payment. It’s engrossing, and the worst part is – you only get out of it what you put in about half the time.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed the last couple years immensely and wouldn’t change it for the world. I’ve met so many people, done so many things, learned a ton, and shared a ton of amazing things. I just kind of wished I had done it when I was younger. (Hah. There’s that Catch-22.)

So, I’m retiring from retirement (can you do that?) and buckling down to go back into the steady workforce. So.. I can go back to having hobbies. And comics. And making things for fun. And not working 5 full time jobs to make ends meet.

Does that mean I’m giving up on conventions or laser engraving? Hell no. It does mean that I’m not actively seeking conventions for 2016, but if a friend wants to split a booth and I can make it, I’ll be there.

2016 is bringing a lot of changes, and I hope I can continue to share some of them with y’all.