There’s an image floating around the various social networks about a teddy bear fighting a nightmare off with a wooden sword. It’s very endearing and perhaps one of my favourite illustrations right now. [UPDATE: It’s HERE!!!]

It reminds me of when I was a kid. I wasn’t one of those normal kids who just had an imaginary friend like Drop Dead Fred. No, I had an entire neighbourhood of imaginary friends. A lot of them I also named after characters from Star trek: TNG. Don’t ask, not telling.

Within my neighbourhood of imaginary friends, I always felt safe. There was always someone else to talk to/play with, and they always had different ideas. One of them had to be a guardian angel, because I’m not really sure how else I survived childhood.

The teddy bear image made me think about them, and wonder if they chased the nightmares away for me. I also think my fuzzies do the same. Yin often cuddles with me until I fall asleep. I’ve also always had my stuffed animals, and my collection of dragons around for similar reasons. Kind of like the gargoyle superstitions (I have a lot of those, too).

Anyway, I hope this brings back fond memories of imaginary friends, pets, and stuffed animals. May we all sleep better at night because of them.