I really hate talking about politics. I know that I have a very different view of how the US should what with being half Canadian and all.

HOWEVER, I do not feel that the SOPA or PIPA propositions will effectively end piracy, and I also do not feel that that much power could even be allotted to any government party without due process or even the ability to appeal before it goes into effect.

I am a geek. A lot of my funnies and quotes come from other places. I really try to say where they come from, but I can’t all the time. Also, I know I’m over protective of my content, but I wouldn’t shut down an entire site over it. I would just pester them repeatedly until they took it down to shut me up. It’s like taking away recess for all kindergarteners because one kid threw up on the playground. Overkill.

And now for a couple of links to people who talk about it way better than I can (it is my birthday, after all, and I am not willing to ruin it over stupid people):


And now, I’m going to finish up the last 3 weeks of comics that were drawn and not inked, post them, and then go for some kitteh cuddles, because really. Birthday.