So, if you tried within the past 20 minutes to access the site and it broke, don’t worry, I was changing some backend stuff.  Everything should work fine now like it did before.  As with all changes, if you notice ANYTHING amiss (because the internet gnomes are always out to get me), leave a comment, and if that doesn’t work, pop me an e-mail.  You can’t miss me: emily, emma, and admin [at] all work.

Thanks guys!  I appreciate your patience 🙂

Oh yeah!  If you were wondering what I did (since I know I’m not the only web developer out there), I upgraded my WordPress to the new 2.7 beta 3.  I also upgraded my ComicPress Manager to 1.2.0, and added two new widgets to the left column.  Twitter’s RSS feed is working fine now, but their badges no longer work.  I’ve added the only one that I’ve managed to get to work, and a weather plug-in so I can brag about Phoenix’s nice weather without having to keep track of it myself.  I’m such a brat.