Day 1 – Yourself or your persona.

July 9, 2014. Pen, ink, Copic markers, non-photo blue pencil.

It’s July 10th. I’ve admittedly fallen quite behind on the comic, and while I have the ideas for every single comic I’m behind, I haven’t had time/energy/patience/excuses to draw them. I know StrongBad doesn’t think that Freelancing is doing anything, but I’ve been drowning in work trying to keep up my inventory for all the conventions I’m doing this year. One day I will learn to outsource.. Or something..

Any how! I found this 30 Day Challenge that a bunch of artists have taken up (and fallen behind, too..), and I figured it would be a good way to get caught up faster and get ahead, so that I can get back to the things I have planned.

Don’t ask me why getting an illustration done is easier than a comic right now. I don’t have the logic for it. 😉