Hey, luvs! Long time no see!

What have I been up to? Oh, you know.. Working, fulfilling orders, evicting my uterus, and now 4 Kickstarters.

Yes, 4!

  1. You might remember me posting all over the place last year about Jamie Wyman’s 3rd book Etude in C# book, Uninvited, which funded with a little help of our #Satyrthon. Well, the book went out early! And I helped make these gorgeous poker chips (vines by Zach Reddy, goat and lasering by me, and Jamie and I both assembled), some of the buttons, some of the button designs, some of the posters, etc. So that’s on and out.

  2. After funding successfully, I was recruited to be the Production Ninja for next year’s Men vs Cosplay 365 page-a-day calendar, which just went to the printer this evening. That was a good healthy month of work, mostly invisible.

  3. While I was working on the fulfillment of both of those, I also helped out with the graphics and consulted for Branum Games‘ first Kickstarter – Battle Gnomes which is 75% funded with 22 days left to go.

  4. And Women vs Cosplay‘s own 365 page-a-day calendar Kickstarter just went live this evening! Of which, I am even listed on the page and officially the Production Ninja. 😀

I also can’t forget that I 3d printed the VIP Enabler badges designed by Chris Impink for Intervention Con 7, which is THIS weekend in Rockville, MD and features some pretty high-profile awesome people like Alex Kingston, Gigi Edgley, René Auberjonois, Rachel Talalay, and so on.

So, check them out! I hope to get a couple comics that I drew while recovering up at.. some point.. So don’t think this page is completely dead.

Hope all is well with y’all!