Dragged from the dark depths known as the Em²a archive, back from the days of the Secret Garden and ASU, I bring to you, the Spider Avenger!

I was drawing in my hidey hole in the Secret Garden, enjoying some relaxing quiet drawing time in between classes when this a-hole frat boy burst in to show his 2 buddies “This cool place he found.”

That’s nice.. Until he saw a spider atop some the steps. “Hey, guys, watch this!” was uttered next, and to my horror, torture of the spider commenced. My cries to leave it alone went unheard, and my “Oi!” met with a “It’s just a spider!” After I reminded him that he was “Just a human” and that I hoped Karma reminded him of that some time soon, I came up with my alternative reality that I inserted after my reality rejection.

This page is the initial sketch of that.